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  • Distributor would not have any right to register the name or trademark of Rearth, nor Ringke in any country. Any form of copy rights related to design of our logo, package, products, etc belongs exclusively to Rearth,Inc. and cannot be used without the authorization in writing.
  • Distributor is not allowed to sell to outside of their authorized countries without Rearth head quarter`s authorizations.
  • Distributor is not allowed to disclose any of the price information to other companies. End customer prices cannot be set lower than the MSRP Rearth has set in the country.
  • Distributor is not allowed to do a business with companies that are already buying Ringke Products from other Ringke partners. Everybody needs to find their own channels.
  • Distributor is not allowed to sell any of Rearth products on Amazon, EBay nor to small carts nor small market places that might ruin “Ringke”`s value and its reputation.
  • Distributor is allowed to create their own website for advertising Ringke. The domain cannot include following content ““. As distributors create the URL, it has to be consulted with the specialist of Rearth Inc, the head quarter in Korea.
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